Should I go on TV Talent Competitions?

  Yes!  Definitely. Participating in competition puts you in the right mindset to build a successful career. Landing a TV Talent Competition gig can do amazing things for your career but you must be careful. There are many routes to success but there’s only one way to build from it. To provide an excellent example, […]

How to get casted for TV shows?

In general, the answer to this question is very easy.  People interested in participating in TV shows go through an agency like Infiniti Entertainment Inc. However, getting listed with an agency isn’t always so easy.  The best agencies will want their talent to be prepared for exposure because the talent also reflects upon the agency. […]

How we help entrepreneurs?

The other day I was at Subway when I ran into a nice lady and we struck up a conversation.  Somehow we began talking about her current job and a business she’d like to start.  I was fascinated by her idea and told her about Infiniti Entertainment Inc.  I advised that IEI has systems set […]

How to Start a Blog?

To start a blog, you will need a domain name with hosting from somewhere like Godaddy or Blue Host. Via your hosting account, you can install the WordPress application and attach it to your domain. Using WordPress, you can design and build pages & posts using the templates WordPress provides. WordPress is a simple to […]